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It's not fun having a birthday on the same month America was attacked in New York that marked the beginning of wars that seem to never end.   The questions still remains in my mind as images from that day are etched in my brain.  Two planes crashed yet three buildings went down.   When a debate comes up about whether it was a conspiracy or a terrorist attack I only say two words "Building seven".  You notice I did not say who did it but just added two words,  a third building that was far away from the twin towers that went down last.   I remember when the news reported it  in
passing like an after thought 
     "Oh we just got a report that  building seven went down in that same block, but moving right along".   What fascinates me was that the day before this happened on September 10th another headline news was reported in passing, do any of you remember when Donald Rumsfeld made a startling announcement that about 2.3 trillion dollars was missing from the pentagon?  That is more money than what some third world country as a whole are worth.  If it was cash in hundred dollar bills it would overfill the pentagon.   So how the heck can something that much go missing?  But please don't take my word on it, research it yourself.   No one knows where it went?  The next day that part of the pentagon where the investigation was held over the missing trillions conveniently got hit by one of the hi-jacked planes and how soon we forget when we got distracted with this crushing event.  
This year marks the Hundredth anniversary of the Federal Reserve, the institution that prints our money, also the bureau of internal revenue which later became known as  the I.R.S.  were both enacted at that time,  a century ago during Christmas time on Dec. 22nd,   Ever since it came into existence America has had a great depression, two world wars, Vietnam war, a bunch of covert little wars and now the middle east.   The fact is wars makes money for the banks and they finance both sides of the war so they can't lose.
     Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy had lots of things in common but the three main ones are 1. they were presidents of the U.S. 2.they both were assassinated and 3. they both issued new currency away from the banks.   Lincoln created the Greenbacks, And Kennedy with his silver certificates, if enough of these notes were circulated it would of eliminated the federal reserve notes and put them out of business.  Are you starting to see a pattern?
So how does the pentagon and the twin towers, and the events from 9/11 play into this?  After 9/11 gold and silver went up in stocks.  That's because the two building were holding a lot of gold and silver, from other foreign banks or private investors.  Earlier there were reports of underground trains being loaded up with cases.  Could this been a gold and silver heist?  One of the biggest in history?  and no one would ever know because the evidence melted away,   which is another reason that building seven "got pulled" there were evidence that had to be erased.  But the most obvious one is using this event to go to war but ironically it was with Iraq not Afghanistan to hunt Bin Laden.  Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 they sold it on a bad lie and threw Collin Powel under the bus playing the blame game, and as a bonus the insurance policy on the two buildings being attacked by terrorist got the owner billions of dollars.   Remember I am only asking the question of motive and who really benefits from this event and the list keeps growing that profits the banks. 
    A wise old man came to my sale once and rather than spend money, which he didn't have much of, he wanted to barter because he was trying to make a difference, he explained to me that we had to break the illusion that  money is the end of all needs where in reality it has no nutritional value nor any physical value (it is a fiat currency that is not backed by anything) it represents a debt that makes the few bankers rich while the middle class goes extinct.  By using it you support the wars, the monopolies, the jobs going over seas, the bullying of third world countries and our bill of rights slowly eroding and taken away.  If everyone stopped using it he explained, yes it would be an inconvenience but the world would be in a better place.    
I am starting to understand him now.  He grows food at his house and raises chickens, he seems way ahead of this game which may explain why the administration frowns upon doomsday preppers.  I don't know what are your thoughts on this?
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VileRebirth Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014…

all part of the same jigsaw...
talia912 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013
great observations i to wonder how 2 planes could take down 3 buildings. there are many other theories such as the explosives in the tower a fireman told a reporter that the when they entered the main lobby the floor collapsed underneath them so there are many links to it being a cover up of some sort
eruiz Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013
Wow... insightful and well written.  I'd say you're probably on someone's radar.  ;)  Are you a part of the Zeitgeist Movement?
EBrummer Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Zeitgeist movement?  I am not part of any movement.  This is just observance and experience.  
eruiz Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013
Valid observations.  Are you aware of the Zeitgeist movement?
EBrummer Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the reference, I looked it up and saw it, I agree with most of it except for the religious view, it;s definitely a great subversive piece.
eruiz Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013
Glad you enjoyed it...  I actually felt the same way, their take on Christianity being a metaphor for a Solar deity was a a bit far fetched in my mind and they seemed to play fast and loose with their "facts" judging by things I've studied, but I suppose we're always taking someone else's word on things we didn't witness ourselves.  But it definitely enlightened me on the way our economy functions and made some really interesting points on how divisive our society is due to political, economical, and religious status and affiliations.  One need look no further than Facebook to see it.

I watched the other movies in the series and enjoyed them as well.  I don't see how we could ever cut over to a resource based economy but I think it sounds great in theory.

If you watch the others, I would be interested in hearing what you think about them.

Take care!
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